Nov 2, 2012

Why relevant content is the new King!

Or, Why blocking bad content is what Google should be good at.
A quick foreword......
Now before you start reading this, I have a confession to make!
This post started of as a note to myself, but then expanded into something bigger as I came across some recent articles which also touched upon one or two of the same points I was writing about. It may meander slightly but stick with it and let me know what you think at the end by leaving a comment below! I'd love to know your thoughts :-).
Here is the post :-)

The most recent Google updates for Panda and Penguin have both contributed to throw a new light on to the old adage that ‘Content is King’.
How they impact on the world wide web means that this well known statement should be changed to ‘Relevant content is King’.

Aug 17, 2012

Why slideshare is important for content marketing!

When it comes to blog articles and posts, you write your content and publish to your site with the hope of generating views.

But one thing I have noticed is that putting your content onto other formats (like slideshare) can actually yield higher impact results than your normal articles or blog views receive!

An example of this is a recent slideshare I created on backlinking for your SEO strategy.

Here is the slideshare piece:

What I noticed is that the article received far fewer views than the slideshare did!

In fact the slideshare worked really well and gathered around 100 views in a relatively short time frame of about 1 week, without any real push or promotion.

The online article took a slower time to build - but both will be residual and keep generating views and hopefully traffic to the site.

As long as the content is being seen, then the effort was worth the creation. Without any traffic and views then you need to question what your content is achieving.

So if you haven't already set up a slideshare account - I highly recommend you sign up for the free service and see what results you get!.

Here is their link...

Enjoy the experience and good luck!

Let me know how you get on, by leaving a comment or link to your slideshare for others to see :-)

Jul 19, 2012

Why you need back links, and how to create them!

Back links are the URL links which point back to your content from other online locations - these are really important to building up your position in the results in any search engine displays.
Many businesses already know that the first page results are the most viewed of any search result. So appearing high up in the page one results (page ranking) is paramount to getting the chance to have visitors view your site and the content and products you display there.


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